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Sili Sponge 3-Pack

Sili Sponge 3-Pack

Sili Sponge 3-Pack


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The Sili Sponge 3-Pack comes with three individual NüYU Sili Sponges™.

Simple to Use - Amazing Results

Stop wasting your expensive makeup! The revolutionary  NüYU Sili Sponge™ makeup applicator eliminates wasted makeup, makes application easier, and is a faster and cleaner alternative to traditional makeup applicators. See why makeup professionals are making the switch to the NüYU Sili Sponge™!

Same Coverage with Less Makeup

The nonporous surface ensures your foundation and other makeup ends up where you want it - on your skin instead of trapped in a sponge. Our Sili Sponge™ typically uses half the makeup required by traditional, disposable sponge applicators, which means more coverage using less product.

Easy Makeup Application with No Messy Fingers

The NüYU Sili Sponge™ is made entirely of silicone, which is amazingly soft and gentle on your skin. Makeup applies smoother and easier to make contouring and blending a breeze! Your fingers stay clean and makeup free, which also helps prevent breakouts caused from touching your fingers to your face.

Environmentally Friendly

The NüYU Sili Sponge™ is washable and can last for years, saving you hundreds of dollars in one-time use applicators or sponges that are thrown away each day. One NüYU Sili Sponge™ equals 365 disposable sponges PER YEAR (based on one-time use each day). See why makeup professionals are making the switch to this revolutionary new beauty tool.

How To Use:

Any liquid makeup can be applied with the NüYU Sili Sponge™. It also works well with powder or cream foundation, highlighter, blush or concealer. To use, apply a small amount of cream, liquid or powder makeup onto the Sili Sponge. Rub onto your skin in circular motions, until it stops spreading further. Hold the sides to squeeze the sponge to create a "point" for detail and point applications. Repeat applying and blending makeup until you achieve your desired coverage. When switching between makeup products, wash the sponge with a mild soap and rinse in lukewarm water. Pat it dry and you're ready to go again! When storing, keep it away from sharp objects (like brow tweezers) and it will last for years.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We accept returns on all orders within 30 days.